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Start your little one's taste bud adventure with Mchecknum pouches! Packed with pureed fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, our convenient pouches offer essential nutrients for babies from 6 months old and beyond. With a variety of delicious flavors, Mchecknum helps make mealtimes fun and nutritious throughout your child's development.









متعة كبيرة مع أطباقنا الصغيرة

Turn mealtimes into an adventure with Mchecknum! Our delicious toddler meals, bursting with fruits, veggies, and whole grains, offer complete nutrition on a plate. Perfect for curious eaters, they'll explore new flavors and textures, all while getting the good stuff they need to grow strong and healthy. Enjoy the joy of mealtime together with Mchecknum!

Toddler - 1-3 years old - Plates

What Makes Mcheknum Different?

Nourishing Little Ones, Bite by Bite

Each Mchecknum pouch offers a balanced combination of fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins, providing a convenient and nutritious option for every meal.

Perfect for Every Stage

Mchecknum offers a variety of purees, perfectly suited for each stage of your baby's development. From smooth  to more complex flavor combinations as your baby grows.

Supporting Kuwaiti Farms

This also allows us to quickly get fresh produce from farm to pouch, maximizing the goodness in every bite.

Recommended by Pediatricians

Our commitment to excellence in infant and toddler nutrition is backed by experts who recognize the importance of wholesome, convenient meals for young children.

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Discover Mchecknum
A Tale of Freshness and Joy

In the heart of Kuwait, where vibrant colors meet the laughter of children, Mchecknum was born with a mission to nourish young ones with pure, wholesome goodness.

Our story begins with a vision to create nutritious and delicious pureed foods that celebrate the joy of early childhood.

Inspired by the tiny, playful spirit of babies, our brand is a celebration of freshness and love. We source the finest ingredients, from colorful fruits to nourishing vegetables, crafting each recipe to delight growing palates and support healthy development.

At Mchecknum, we believe in more than just food. We're here to nurture moments of togetherness, laughter, and discovery. Our pouches are not just meals; they're a part of your child's journey, providing a taste of happiness with every spoonful.

Join us in celebrating the joy of childhood with Mchecknum, where every pouch is filled with love and goodness. Let's grow, play, and savor life's little moments together.